Spring in your step with Acupuncture

It’s springtime, even if the cold weather of late makes us forget…

In Chinese medicine, spring is the season of wind, growth and expansion. Like plants that sprout out of the earth and seek the sun, human beings are also in search of light and renewal during this season. Our ability to make a harmonious transition between winter and spring depends on the quality of our rest during winter and our habits in early spring. Lack of rest can lead to the presence of seasonal allergies; lack of sufficient warm clothing exposes us to wind (and thus to colds and other respiratory conditions). In Chinese medicine, the transition from winter to spring also depends on the energetic health of our liver. The liver and gallbladder are both organs associated with the spring. A healthy liver helps us make decisions, launch projects and fully express our creativity. When our liver energy is deficient, we lack initiative and the capacity to act. In excess, we have excessive behavior and disproportionately large-scale projects that lead us to neglect our personal needs and relationships. A liver whose energy is “stagnant” leads to irritability and can also be expressed by pain, digestive and or breathing disorders. Read this short text for foods that strengthen the Liver and Gallbladder this spring!


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