Physiotherapy is a primary health care profession (like medical doctors, dentists, and chiropractors) that helps patients feel better by improving their function and mobility.

Physiotherapists have advanced training and understanding of how the body moves and how to restore mobility.  They are skilled in the assessment and management of a broad range of conditions and can prevent many physical problems caused by illness, aging, sport, and work-related injuries, and long periods of inactivity.  They can also help in the recovery and rehabilitation process post-surgery.

Physiotherapists will assess your level of mobility, strength, and endurance and develop a treatment plan in close consultation with you.  They will prescribe and demonstrate specific exercises, monitor your progress, adjust treatment accordingly and give advice on prevention of recurring problems.

For the treatment of different musculoskeletal injuries or problems, Josée uses traditional methods and electrotherapy such as laser therapy, ultrasound, and NMES. Josée will help you to regain function in your daily activities and sports.