How we have helped our patients …

Dr. Kerklaan is Awesome! I am a competitive kayaker and in the past I’ve suffered from numerous injuries due to the amount of training. However since I started visiting Dr. Kerklaan, I haven’t had a single injury; I can give it my all in training and as a result I’m now ranked 2nd and 3rd in Canada for the 200m and 1000m!

Dr. Kerklaan,
As I was crossing the street to come to your office for my last appointment, it struck me how different my life has become since starting treatment with you several months ago.

When I first came to see you, I had been suffering with chronic pain in my back and shoulders for well over a decade.I had been taking pain killers daily for years.After living a sedentary lifestyle for most of my life, I had recently become active in martial arts and my pain was beginning to keep me from advancing.
Within only a few weeks of treatment, I began to notice a difference.Within a few short months, I was virtually pain free.I simply cannot believe the change!

You have truly made a monumental difference in my life.As a chiropractor, you have worked with me to resolve what was causing my pain, and as an athlete, you have encouraged me to persevere my training.I just got my blue belt – and I also took up running several months ago!

Thank you so much for your treatments, advice and good humour.This journey has been a pleasure!

I tried to write a formal testimonial for your website and I can’t seem to sum it all up in just a few short words.To say “thank you” just doesn’t seem adequate.Grateful is definitely a word that describes how I feel.I wasn’t Dr. Kerklaan, joking when I called the office the “happy place”.I had grown somewhat accustomed to the negative and judgmental environment of hospitals and I felt so relieved to find such a wonderful clinic with staff that is not only professional but also very kind.I was in quite a state physically and emotionally when I walked in here more than a year ago.

Chiropractic adjustments massage and acupuncture all helped to relieve the symptoms I was experiencing.But it was equally important to me that I felt that the clinic was a “safe” place, free from judgment, a place where I could just focus on doing what I could to feel better.Dr. Kerklaan, I believe you played a key role in helping me to finally get a diagnosed Celiac disease by putting me in touch with Dr. Lague.That was a turning point that helped me get to the end or what had been a long journey.Thank you for taking such an interest in my case and for going the extra mile.Many doors were closed to me that left me not knowing where to turn next.That’s why it was such an unbelievable breath of fresh air to walk through the doors of your clinic.I felt like I could really trust the people that were helping me.

Surround yourself with positive people and you will have positive outcomes.And I did.I believe out of anything bad a little good will come.I’ve learned some valuable lessons and met some fantastic people along the way.I appreciate it more than you know. Sincerely,

I want to thank you for the treatments you gave me. You were very professional and your clinic is very impressive. Good luck in your triathlon training.
Best regards!

Dear Dr. Kerklaan,
It is with pleasure that I write this letter to you. I have just come through hip replacement surgery with flying colours and after six weeks, am walking unassisted on a strong leg again! And I owe much of my success to you!
As you well know, I had been walking in pain (bone on bone) for years due to Osteoarthritis in my left hip, compounded by a herniated disk at L5 which affected the same leg. There were days I could barely put weight on that leg without wincing. The ‘wonky’ hip apparently prevented my herniated disk from healing, and the pain in my lower back was crippling at times. On top of all this, my spine was becoming deformed with a scoliosis, as a result of the left leg being one-half-inch shorter than the right. I also had problems with deterioration of the disks in my neck, which added more pain on a regular basis. You had a complicated case to deal with! And you dealt with it well.

Each time I left your Clinic, I felt renewed. I would go home, look at my spine in the mirror and marvel to see it once again aligned. I knew I would throw it out of whack in another week just by walking and sitting, and that you would again bring it back into alignment on the next visit. You carefully and ever so gently manipulated my neck so that it too would move
smoothly and painlessly, and you did this without any trauma to the neck at all. Your careful consideration of the problems I had, combined with your gifted use of chiropractic techniques, became a regular maintenance regimen for me. It allowed me to keep my busy life here, as well as to travel on business trips abroad and on this continent. You always took my tortured
spine after one of my overseas trips, and gently coaxed it back into badly needed alignment. Miracle worker!
To make matters worse, about a month before my surgery I was suffering serious sciatic pain from my knee to my ankle. You were concerned about my recovery from the upcoming surgery with my lower back so inflamed, and consequently, began a new series of treatments to help heal my back. Your empathy and genuine concern for my well-being was so helpful to my healing
in time for surgery. I had very little sciatic pain by the time of surgery, and that in itself was an accomplishment.
I have now recovered well, my legs are at last the same length, and I barely have a scoliosis at all in my lower spine. The Physiotherapist who has been treating me Post-Op says that my hip is likely still a bit rotated from my past way of walking (bad hip and all) and she expects it to virtually straighten out with a little more time. I am pain free in my hip and have
experienced little or no back pain since the surgery.

I needed the surgery, there is no doubt about it. But I didn’t need to live with quite as much pain and discomfort as I had been living with, prior to visiting you for my first treatment. Once I began seeing you on a regular basis, my pain & discomfort levels diminished, and I was far more able to get around. I would never hesitate to recommend you to anyone, and I would draw people’s attention to your qualities of honesty, integrity, authenticity, ability, and empathy. You make your patients feel
comfortable, you easily answer questions we may have, you construct a treatment regimen specific to each patient and his or her problems, and you prove, time and again, that you really care.
Thank you so much for all your help over the years. I will likely still see you for occasional maintenance, as my lifestyle will be as frantic as ever, and my neck awaits the sound of the easy ‘pop’ that occurs when you have gently aligned it once again. You are masterful.

All of the healthcare professionals and reception staff at Greene Avenue Complementary have been polite, helpful, good-humoured, and efficient, and all are a positive testimony to one another and to you.
Thank you.

I love this place. Thanks so much for all your help. I’ve recommended you to all my friends. They too enjoy your services greatly. Everyone on the staff is friendly and knowledgeable.
Thanks again,

In 1991 I was involved in a motor vehicle crash where I suffered a brain injury and was in a coma for 3.5 months. After being hospitalized for 7 months, I started to do rehabilitation for 2 years, where I did physiotherapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy and many more therapies.

Despite all these therapies, I never really felt improved to what I thought I could have been. I still walked with a limp and I could never read, because I found it impossible to concentrate on the words of the page.

In 2008, my father asked me if I wanted to go see the chiropractor who he was seeing, and maybe he could help me. I was skeptical at first, because I had had who everyone said was the best neurosurgeon in Canada, and I went to the best rehabilitation hospital in the province. Why had they not recommended a chiropractor to me before?

But I figured ok, lets see what this guy can do…

I saw Dr. Kerklaan, he examined me, took x-rays of my neck and advised me that chiropractic could help me. So I decided to follow his recommendation and start treatment. In the first week he adjusted me on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. The session only lasted 10 minutes. I was to see him Friday, but when I woke up Thursday, I woke up at 4:00, much earlier than usual. I laid in bed, thinking that I shouldn’t get out of bed because it was only 4:00, but I had the energy to start my day.

On the Friday of the first week it was the same story, I got up on my own at 4:00. My wife had never seen me get up that early. That early morning energy continued over the following weeks. I figured that Dr. Kerklaan had started to relieve some pain which had continued since my injury. My body was improving because of the adjustments he did on my spine.

I now wake up later then 4:00, but it is still earlier than I ever have since my injury. I am full of energy!

Also, I told Dr. Kerklaan that my eyes have improved. I am now able to read. Since my injury, my eyes could not concentrate on the pages in a book. But with Dr. Kerklaan’s work, pressure has been alleviated in neck, which has improved my eyesight!

Also, my posture has improved!! Now my spine is straighter, and I walk taller and do not slouch as much.

Am I ever relieved. I never thought that anyone could fix me by just adjusting my spine, but am I ever happy that my father asked me to see Dr. Kerklaan. I never thought that I would be improved upon, but I can never sum up to anyone how much Dr. Kerklaan has helped me.

THANK YOU Dr. Kerklaan,


Thank you for curing me of my pinched nerve. You cured me in the time frame you said, without medication, and for both I am grateful. I am also appreciative that you saw me as a new patient the same morning. Also, your staff made me feel welcome and not like I was intruding. I wish you many years of success and good health so you can continue to provide the public with your expertise and knowledge.